Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some minor linkage

Better post something.

I enjoy The Birds.
This one came up today. The main page has that comic now, but it doesn't seem to have a permanent URL, unfortunately. So to keep pointing at the comic I'm referring to even after the next comic posts, I'm forced to link the png image.

Greg Laden points to some nifty technology. This kind of research is the sort of thing that's going to end up saving what's left of our sorry arses. I hope.

US ranks last of 19 industrialized nations on preventable deaths. Around a hundred thousand extra people die in the US each year from such preventable causes - assuming the US could manage to have healthcare like any of the top three on the list, which would seem to be impossible.

[I've been ridiculously busy for the last several weeks (which is why no posts). Sleep is something I am snatching when I can fit it in. I have plenty of material cued up for when I have time to write it, whenever that is. Probably not for a few more weeks, the way things are going. I'm supposedly on vacation, but I've been working like crazy. Yes, I'm a lazy, evil, selfish atheist.]

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