Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A creationist looks at Janie's photo album

Flip. Flip.
"Nice baby shot there."
Flip. Flip.
"First steps. Kinda cute."
Flip. Flip.
"Hey, I had a train cake for my 4th birthday too."
Flip. Flip. Flip-flip-flip.
"Ooh, that graduation photo is out of focus!"
Flip. Flip-flip.
"Hang on, there's no shots of her sixth birthday! What are you trying to pull?"

"None of these photos show her in the process of aging! Where are the transitional forms?"

"I see no shots where she's half ten-years-old and half twenty-five. Come on, there's no evidence she aged at all!"

Hmm.... maybe I should call that a comic script and draw it up.


HumanistPR said...

This is very funny. Can we publish this joke in the "Humanist Humor" section of the "Humanist Network News" e-zine? Please contact editor@humaniststudies.org

Anonymous said...

That's great stuff.

Evolved Rationalist said...


Agersomnia said...

I added a spanish translation to my blog, with link to the original. I hope you don't mind!