Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Data So Far

xkcd's latest comic is t-shirt material. (As always, mouse over the comic for the hidden comment. Works on some of mine as well!)

What really prompts me to post, though is the stupidity of so many responses on the livejournal feed.

They so completely do not understand this aspect of what xkcd is about (skepticism and science), it makes me wonder why they read the feed at all.

edit: Damn. I should have realized Pharyngula would point to this one. I don't mind being so unoriginal as to just point to a webcomic, but I do mind being so unoriginal as to point to one already being pointed to by a hugely more popular blog. (And Shalini at Scientia Natura has followed suit. Now I feel like a sheeple. Retrospectively. Wait, I mean "great minds think alike". Yeah, that's the ticket.)


Anonymous said...

that craven coward(redundancy intentional) ebonmuse, bANNed another theist because that theist was kicking ebons ass, then ebon deleted all the evidence of his own ass kicking! and three for the hat trick! craven cowardice is bad for the gene pool!

Podblack said...

Never mind. I did the same and realised too late... BTW, thanks for helping correcting the link on the recent skeptic's circle, it was much appreciated. :)