Thursday, August 28, 2008

Transitional forms

Creationists deny transitional forms by asking for evidence of implausible chimeras - "half-fish, half-cow" and the like. That's like denying that coffee cools down because there's no time at which half the cup is scalding and the other half is cold.

[The plausible transitions - that is, actual transitional forms, such as lineages of fossils displaying characteristics of both fish and amphibians, for example - are not asked for much these days - because there are far too many of them, and more all the time.]

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Irradiatus said...

I couldn't find an email for you, so I'm writing you here - besides, it's related to the post topic.

You rock for mentioning Carnival of the Godless over at Pharyngula. You're almost certainly the one who led ot being linked and the hundreds of hits it's recieved in a few hours.


Efrique said...

You mean "Carnival of Evolution" there. (The link is correct though.)

No worries. I thought it looked interesting, and figured PZ might mention it if I pointed it out to him.

Anonymous said...

yeah - slip of the brain there.

I had recently posted in the Carnival of the Godless as well.