Thursday, July 3, 2008

Riemann proved??

A Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis by Xian-Jin Li. (link now fixed)

This is no crackpot. He's a mathematician who has his PhD in the right area.

I am not qualified (in the sense that I have nolittle* familiarity with this area of mathematics) to judge, but the mathematical world will be all over this one. [* Edit: well, actually, having read through it, it doesn't look to be as tough a paper as I first thought. I can understand some of it. I expect this claimed result will be either confirmed or disconfirmed in short order. If it's right, I suspect that it can be made even simpler (and if its wrong, it can be made as simple as you like!)]

My guess as an outsider... it will probably turn out to have a few holes in it. But if he's claiming it, he's probably really got something; if it's not there yet, it will probably turn out to be an important step, and if the holes are small, they'll be plugged soon enough. The fact that its a short paper increases the chance that Li hasn't missed something.

h/t Isabel Lugo

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