Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nobility must be earned

A random post.

Annoyance #99:
My state government has a "don't offend the Catholics" law in place. I have to fork over *lots* of my hard earned cash (via the government) to support the stupidly-named World Youth Day (a lovely little convention where altar boys from all over the world can compare their sodomization stories), and I can't even wear a FUCK THE POPE T-shirt?

Well, fuck the pope and this government.

Next election, if I have to vote for those fetid arsewipe Libs in order to get rid of this lot, I will; of course, I'd vote against them next time around - maybe giving the current mob a few years in opposition will do some good. This mob has been in too long, and the Liberals don't stink quite so much just now. It would make me puke just to vote for them, but if I'm going to puke either way, it might as well be in the service of getting some new blood into the government.

Who knows, maybe the Libascists can get the trains running on time.

[Aside added in later edit]: More on WYD over at The Thinkers Podium.

Maybe I need a T-shirt like this.

Something like this - the second part shows what it would look like if I put a bit of tape over the middle, rather than folding it. It's a bit subtler, I think:

Now, to be really subtle, just have the first line and cover the bottom half. If they read something into that, well, that's their own evil mind, innit?

More T-shirts at Five Public Opinions
[end of edit]

On an almost completely unrelated matter, PZed said:
We are not princes of the earth, we are the descendants of worms, and any nobility must be earned.

I'd like to put that on a t-shirt. Except the pope would be offended and I'll be out $5500 and get strip-searched.


AV said...

Something tells me the NSW Liberal Party, given the faction that currently dominates it, would not exactly be unwelcoming of the WYD police state laws.

Efrique said...

Arthur, you've gone and injected reality into my little voter-revenge fantasy.

Now it's got logic all over it.

Yeah, I know, they would have done the same. But if I can't trust Labor not to fuck me about like that, and the trains are a mess, and there's all the scandals and other dross of a tired government (and I don't like Watkins any better - my local member, btw - so a mere change of leader is unlikely to help much), who the heck do I vote for?

I already vote Labor down the list (above the Libs still) but two party preferred it's not much different from putting them at #1.

So the point wasn't that the Libs wouldn't have done it. I know they would. It was that I need to spank Labor for behaving that way, because if they're not going to be better why vote for them?

My point about the Libs "not stinking so bad" was in comparison to how they had stunk (to my nose) previously - they still suck.