Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hundredth post

100 is a bit of a milestone, so I figured I'd mark it.

I'm reasonably happy how this blog has come along, and I'm glad some people are reading it.

A few months ago I started using sitemeter to track my visits. The first weekly report I got had my average visit length at two seconds. Most people who made it to my site were finding me through google searches, not finding what they were expecting, and hotfooting it back to safer pages.

Nowadays, the average visit length is about two minutes - long enough to read a short post or two. The average page views is 1.6 - so a lot of people are sticking around to look at more of my site.

I'm getting hits from all over - a post I made on percentages has proved to be incredibly popular, giving me sustained traffic for a month. Some of my comics got linked to from several places. Some posts in carnivals have netted me some good hits, and in particular when PZ mentions the Carnival of the Elitist Bastards, there's always a nice bump. Comments in other blogs often grab a few visits.

Since I started with sitemeter (the earliest date I can tell for sure), I've been better than doubling visits and page views every month... except last month, when my hits nearly quadrupled over the month before. In July I don't think I'll beat last month (I'll have even less time to post), but it looks like there might be a good chance of keeping up close to the hit rate on the days I can post.

A warning: I have been sick this week, which has cut down on the posting, and next week I will be away several days (and so not posting at all). So posts will be shorter, and less frequent over the next week or so. If you don't see posts, I haven't died or anything.

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Dana Hunter said...

Happy 100th! And mucho congrats on the traffic going up so quickly - you've earned it, my wise and witty friend!

Goes without saying, but I hope you feel much, much better soon. Sick = no fun. Efrique deserves fun!