Friday, July 4, 2008

Manufacturing dissent

Another WYD post.

I agree strongly with Ninglun's point - by so casually tossing aside our freedom to make simple protests, the NSW government has created a much bigger desire to protest.

As it was, there would have been some minor level of at worst moderately disruptive protest (for which there are already sufficient laws for police and officials to rely on), but most people that are irritated by the inconvenience, the gifting of large amounts of supposedly secular government money to support a religious event, the ridiculous attention given to that ludicrous entity the Catholic Church and the equally ludicrous Pope Dorothy* would not have been annoyed enough to even think about actually getting out and protesting.

Now a lot of people are damn annoyed. Result: protests.

Either the government is stupid, or it's a deliberate Bushification tactic. Either way, this is one unhappy puppy.

*(think about it - ruby slippers, visiting the land of Oz - what else am I going to call him? Expect Pope Dorothy in Oz comics if I can get time to do some.)

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Dana Hunter said...

Pope Dorothy... I like it...