Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The joy and relief around here is palpable

I'm sitting in a large building at the moment, and echoing from different parts of the building I hear cheers, laughter, loud conversation as the news filters through the building.

I've never heard people so bubbly, excited, and at the same time, relieved at a US election. Obama's election victory seems to have energized almost everyone.

One colleague said to me "What I have now is hope".

Which about sums it up, I guess.


Mark said...

Here too - I'm British, and I'm deeply chuffed that you guys have elected Obama. It is the first American election that I have paid more than passing attention to, so it is fantastic that my preconceptions about the US have been proved wrong.


Efrique said...

I'm Australian, Mark. We're jointly agreed that the voters in the US did well.

The joy and relief I referred to was coming from Australians - who were at work during the time the networks called it and when McCain conceded.

Dana Hunter said...

You know, I knew Americans needed Obama. And I knew the rest of the world needed Obama. I just wasn't ready for the worldwide celebrations! This has been the most incredible presidential election in my lifetime.

I'm glad a healthy majority of my fellow Americans did the right thing. Thank you for celebrating with us!