Monday, October 27, 2008

Christian charity rejects donation from evil roleplayers

Many roleplaying conventions hold charity auctions, which are often very strongly supported by the convention-goers.

Ogre Cave reports that Gen Con (a major roleplaying convention) raised over $17,000 at its annual charity auction, held in honour of (recently deceased) Gary Gygax.

Their chosen charity, Christian Children’s Fund (apparently a favorite of Gygax) learned that sales of Dungeons & Dragons materials were part of the auction and turned the money down.

Apparently saving children isn't really so important after all, if the money might have come from people who like to roll dice and make up stories.

Fisher House Foundation accepted the evil, tainted money, apparently without reservations. So far, the unstinting wrath of the almighty has failed to fall upon them, but obviously it's only a matter of time.


Dana Hunter said...

So, they won't accept money from D&D players. I'd like to ask them one thing: did they accept money from Bush supporters? In other words, money from murdering, torturing, corrupt bastards is ok, but geeks who sit around eating pizza and pretending they're elves are the epitome of evil?

Christians need to work harder on getting their priorities straight.

Steve M. said...

Though I cannot say this with certainty, the people who turned this money down probably aren't clued in that the role playing community is composed of geeks eating pizza.

Although I suspect that you (and the writer of comment 1) would criticize the rejection of money from a Wicca fundraiser as well, that is a slightly different criticism.