Thursday, May 15, 2008

US elections

So Edwards has declared for Obama, and polls show both Obama and Clinton with substantial leads over McCain (47-40 for Obama, 46-41 for McCain). If you look at the rate superdelegates are declaring for Obama, Clinton could win every race 70-30 (or even higher) and she would still be falling behind in total delegates faster than before, and looking at the poll results, one of her main arguments for remaining in the race (that she would do better in the race against McCain) doesn't hold water.

To be honest, I think a Clinton presidency would, in many respects, be a reasonably good one. I don't think that's enough. A curate's egg presidency? - when there's another choice?

Of course that's just my opinion - it's not like I can vote. I got my chance at that months ago.

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Dana Hunter said...

Clinton would certainly be a lesser evil than McCain, but at the same time, she's swung so far right she's making us all shudder. I think she's shattered her credibility with the base.

A curate's egg, indeed.