Thursday, May 15, 2008

Possible banner for the Carnival of Elitist Bastards

Since I have an anti-"anti-elitism" post set for the Carnival of Elitist Bastards (and this too), I thought I'd have a go at a banner. I stole one of the banners here and modified it. Because, you know, a bastard elitist egghead like me won't admit that there's something he couldn't do if he wanted.

So, anyway, it's a bit rough, but here we go:

(Edit: I just noticed a minor issue, which I am not going to fix. So there.)


Paul said...

Hey! It's beautiful! I love it!

Dana Hunter said...

Beauty! Don't see a thing needing fixed myself.

Paul said...

Would you like that put up on the Carnival site?

Efrique said...

Yes, thanks.