Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seen at Pharyngula

In the comment thread on P-Zed's liveblog of the NOVA Judgement Day program:

Posted by: Ex-drone | November 13, 2007 9:33 PM

cdesign proponentist n. a transitional evolutionary form between creationist and IDist

[By way of explanation - it comes out of a stuffed-up global edit of the creationist book Of Pandas and People, when they converted it to an ID textbook by attempting to replace "creationists" with "design proponents" and a variety of similar label substitutions, without changing the actual content, and cdesign proponentsists remained in the text as evidence of the mangled substitution.]


Lee said...

I just finished reading PZ's breakdown of the program and I'm so sad I missed it. I'll have to watch it on PBS's site tomorrow when I'm not quite so tired. I loved the 'cdesign proponentist' bit. I'd buy that t-shirt!

Efrique said...

Unfortunately no PBS here in Australia, but I am going to write to SBS (one of the channels that carries some PBS content) and see of they'll carry it.

I don't have the bandwidth to watch it all online, either, sadly.