Thursday, November 15, 2007

His Noodly Appendage

... is such a wonderful, delightful phrase.

I cannot say it - I cannot even read it - without a smile growing into a barely held in snort of laughter. I'm grinning like an idiot right now as I type, trying like hell not to just burst out in joyous laughter.

It's not like I've just heard it for the first time - I've been aware of the FSM for ages, but it still amuses me no end.


Lugosi said...

I'm not sure what prompted your reference to His Holiness, the Spaghetti Monster, but did you know he has Christmas ornament now? I read about it at Too Many Tribbles.
Then again, I suppose an atheistic Christmas ornament is something of an oxymoron....

Efrique said...

Thanks, lugosi.

Actually, I already saw that one. It's wonderful.

I greatly desire this noodly ornament.

As for what prompted my reference, sometimes, especially after some especially good pasta, I am suffused with a noodly joy, and feel the need to share.

Dikkii said...


Every time, too. Without fail.