Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pew online Political News IQ survey

Pew have a Political News Quiz up, here, and you can see how you went compared to a national US survey.

I did okay on that:
Here's Your Score: You correctly answered 12 of the 12 possible questions along with approximately 2% of the public. You did better than 98% of the general public.

If you do it, once you get a graph like the above, there are some further links on the left with more information; the link How you did, question by question takes you to a list of which questions you got right or not and the percentage of correct responses on each question from the previous survey.


Anonymous said...

I got 10/12, but I'm not American.

I'm choosing to interpret this as me being totally awesome.

efrique said...

Me either. I'm from Australia myself.

efrique said...

and yes, you're also awesome

John_poson26 said...

I got 10/12 also, and I live in the US.

Cujo359 said...

I got them all right, but somehow I don't feel so smart (I'm an American, after all).