Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend news

A couple of items from the local news over the weekend:

Obama has the confidence of people in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and is strongly preferred as president over McCain

"In Australia, 80 per cent of participants said they had confidence in Senator Obama, against 40 per cent for Senator McCain. Similar results were reported from Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Tanzania."

The secretive religious group at the heart of US politics

"The Family organises Washington politicians into intimate "prayer cells", influences foreign policy, inspired the creation of the president's annual prayer breakfast in 1953 and sponsored George Bush's faith-based 2001 policy of transferring social welfare responsibilities to religious groups."

Read about them, and be scared. Or angry. Or both. But know they they're there, and they may well be behind a lot of what you really hate about what goes on in US politics. They're the elitists we should be fighting against.


Dana Hunter said...

I'm about to follow your second link and scare the crap out of myself, but... first: why the hell do people outside of this country display so much more sanity than within it? GRRR!

Dana Hunter said...

Efrique- that was freakin' terrifying. Makes me want to take to the streets with an angry mob of picketers, that does.

Getting more and more tempted to flee the country every day, here...

Efrique said...

If you want to read more on The Family, there's a book about them.

The cover on the Australian edition has a different publisher blurb to the one there:

"The Family is a story about American fundamentalism, but the territory it covers is as vast as the ambitions of American empire, ranging from The Family's roots in the ruins of postwar Germany to East Timor, where The Family helped Indonesian dictator Suharto pursue genocide, to Africa, where The Family's missionaries served as handmaidens to post-colonial carnage in Somalia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and other nations. The nihilistic theology by which American fundamentalism pursues power, is not a retreat into tradition, but a new ideology with old roots. The Family is a groundbreaking examination of this new faith and where it came from, by one of the foremost authorities on Christian fundamentalism in politics."

Also see:

You guys might have dodged a bullet there...

Efrique said...

Some of those URLs got cut off.

If you're interested in them, try:

Huffington Post
The Nation
Mother Jones