Friday, February 8, 2008

Efrique's commandments

Well, not so much commandments as a list of important suggestions.
It's not like there's eternal torture if you don't follow these or anything.

1. Don't make shit up.

2. Don't believe stuff just because someone says so - people just make shit up.

3. If you do believe shit someone made up, and it affects how you treat other people, then
you better have some evidence for it, or be ready for ridicule.

4. Don't be too certain you're right - that's when you stop looking at the evidence,
which means you're very likely to be wrong.

5. Treat people decently. If possible, treat them how they'd like to be treated.

6. People are different from you. Deal with it.

7. When you die, you die. Deal with it.

8. Reality does not respect your preferences or your wishes. Deal with it.

9. The universe is freaky, and way too big for you to comprehend. Deal. It's way cooler than
anything you could plausibly make up, so don't bother. You're an amateur, and it'll show.

10. Really, don't make shit up.